A Diamond in The Rough

February 9, 2009

When Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreak was released, it was promptly attacked by a tsunami of backlash. As a result, everyone and their mother remixed the songs,  in an attempt to fix what Kanye had so hurriedly spit out.

Over the last few months, I have heard over fifteen remixes of Heartbreak, so it is easy to see how it would take a tip from thetape to make me re-discover a song I had downloaded all the way back in November.

Max Justus’s “Street Lights” remix is truly a “diamond in the rough”. Just one of the eight remixes that he has put together from 808’s and Heartbreak, “Street Lights” sounds like what would happen if the environmentally conscious ballad was shoved into a NES. And take it from me, that’s a compliment.

Street Lights (Max Justus Remix)- Kanye West

Download the whole remix album HERE


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