I’m On A Boat

February 5, 2009


A group of comedians out of San Fransisco, The Lonely Island consists of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg. Initially gaining buzz from their online shorts, the boys were picked up by Saturday Night Live in 2005, with Samberg as a “featured player” and Schaffer and Taccone as writers. This proved to be a sound career choice, with their SNL Digital Shorts becoming huge internet sensations. Notable examples include “Dick In A Box” and “Lazy Sunday”. Recently, The Lonely Island announced plans to release a full length album, called Incredibad. They started a media frenzy after releasing a digital short on SNL called “Jizz In My Pants”. An overnight smash, people have been scrounging for anything else they can find from the album, scheduled to be released this coming Tuesday. Well, itsmyblogg’s got something for you.

“I’m On A Boat” is a fabulous parody of the DJ Khaled-infused rap of today. Lampooning its boisterous style and mundane subject matter, The Lonely Island has struck comedic gold. If the Khaled-esque shout-outs in the beginning don’t convince you, T-Pain’s gracious presence (climaxing in his line about a mermaid) will

I’m On A Boat- The Lonely Island ft. T-Pain 

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2 Responses to “I’m On A Boat”

  1. […] weekend, I listened to the entirety of The Lonely Island’s Incredibad, previously mentioned here, and was pleasantly surprised. A solid album with hilarious guest appearances, from The […]

  2. aestar101 said

    i love that song. The Lonley Isand is so hilarious.

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