The Rebirth of Lil’ Wayne

January 25, 2009

So, it’s finally here: the first taste of Lil’ Wayne’s rock album, which, according to his publicist, is now titled Rebirth and is no longer tied to 2008’s Tha Carter III. The track, ridden with DJ Drops, is titled “Prom Queen”. I’ve given it a few listens, and I’m pretty underwhelmed; lots of groans and ugly vocals, as well as formulaic drum beats and power chords. Let’s hope he’s got more up his sleeve.

Lil Wayne- Prom Queen (UPDATE: NO MORE DJ DROPS!)


3 Responses to “The Rebirth of Lil’ Wayne”

  1. eggnogg said

    wow this song is down right poop in my ear ( the left one)

  2. sohob said

    I’m still not quite sure how I feel about this yet… SoHo

  3. Paul said

    I don’t know, Jason. I’ve given the lyrics a better listen, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to ever warm up to it.


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