The Mae Shi

January 8, 2009

When listening to their newest album, 2008’s HLLLYH, it’s easy to see that the Mae Shi had a great time recording it. Whether it is their cuh-razy harmonies, the use of auto-tune on their glitchy vocals, or the cheesy 16-bit drum kits that complete it all, you can tell they enjoy their job. I highly recommend this wonderfully weird album.

Additionally, they seem to be getting some well-deserved coverage for an exhilarating cover of Miley Cyrus’s “See You Again”. The image above is a doctored screencap from the video*.

Below are sample mp3s from HLLLYH, as well as the aforementioned Cyrus cover. If you like it, buy it!

Young Marks

Lamb & Lion

Run To Your Grave

See U Again (Miley Cyrus Cover)    MP3 Video

Amazon Download Link

*Seems as though, I’ve come a long way since this.**



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