The Death Of Lil’ Wayne

November 3, 2008

Dwayne Carter is not dead. Thanks to an expertly crafted hoax site, modeled to look exactly like BBC, legions of facebookers and bloggers cried out to the world “RIP WEEZY”. This scare made me look at a world without Weezy F. Baby.

The death of Lil’ Wayne would be terrible. He is an amazing artist, both in the quantity he releases (over 200 in 2007), as well as the quality of the majority of his releases. But, like all showmanship rappers, he has not yet filled the big shoes that he created in his persona. I don’t care how many albums The Carter 3 moved, the “best rapper alive” can do better.

But, as we all know, death creates immortality among rappers, along with most artists, but especially rappers. Death would fill the void in those shoes. People would imagine how great he could have been, and exaggerate how great he was. I mean, who knows which bargain bin 2pac and Biggie would be in now, had they not been shot and killed.

Still, Wayne is pretty impressive. His dadaist rhymes are, in short, fucking awesome. But he would not be the best rapper dead, no matter what those hypothetical murals and spray-painted t-shirts say.


One Response to “The Death Of Lil’ Wayne”

  1. Jessica said

    My brother was telling me that he is a genius (literally, like book smart). I’d have to agree, he has a lot going for him and is a multi-millionaire at such a young age. Love you weezy!

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