Wayne-ism #2

November 23, 2008


From “I’m Me”:

“I know the game is crazy
It’s more crazy than it’s ever been
I’m married to that crazy bitch
Call me Kevin Federline”

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Let it Rock?

November 23, 2008

Kevin Rudolf has friends in high places. He’s been around for a while, playing guitar on tracks for artists from Justin Timberlake to Nelly Furtado, but the powers that be have decided that it’s time he had an album of his own.

Recently signed to Cash Money Records, his debut album, In The City, comes out this Tuesday, November 25th.

Rudolf’s music can best be described as Syrup Rock. A little bit of Pain, a little bit of Gain.

“Let it Rock” is a power anthem, coupled with fiery guest verses by Young Money president Wayne.

“NYC” features the one and only Nas.

With friends like those, who needs publicity?

Kevin Rudolf- Let It Rock

Kevin Rudolf-NYC

The Killers Get Saxual

November 23, 2008

This song, from The Killer’s Day and Age, out this Monday, November 24th, is my favorite so far off of the recently-leaked album.

“Spaceman” is about an alien abduction. It features typical Killers metaphors and abstract ideas, like “zipping white light beams”.

And damn, is it catchy. Flowers’ voice shines as usual. Noticeably added is a saxophone, which I can’t remember them ever utilizing.

It was first-heard on their latest SNL appearance, but this version is straight off the album.

P.S. At 3:40 in the song, can I get a “Born To Run”?

Spaceman (Album Version)

The Death Of Lil’ Wayne

November 3, 2008

Dwayne Carter is not dead. Thanks to an expertly crafted hoax site, modeled to look exactly like BBC, legions of facebookers and bloggers cried out to the world “RIP WEEZY”. This scare made me look at a world without Weezy F. Baby.

The death of Lil’ Wayne would be terrible. He is an amazing artist, both in the quantity he releases (over 200 in 2007), as well as the quality of the majority of his releases. But, like all showmanship rappers, he has not yet filled the big shoes that he created in his persona. I don’t care how many albums The Carter 3 moved, the “best rapper alive” can do better.

But, as we all know, death creates immortality among rappers, along with most artists, but especially rappers. Death would fill the void in those shoes. People would imagine how great he could have been, and exaggerate how great he was. I mean, who knows which bargain bin 2pac and Biggie would be in now, had they not been shot and killed.

Still, Wayne is pretty impressive. His dadaist rhymes are, in short, fucking awesome. But he would not be the best rapper dead, no matter what those hypothetical murals and spray-painted t-shirts say.