Snow Patrol: Nice Try

October 29, 2008

Snow Patrol’s “The Golden Floor”, off of their album A Thousand Million Suns, released this week, is a blatant attempt at trying to capture Radiohead’s In Rainbows magic.

It’s not bad, persay, just too emulatory of Radiohead’s sound in tracks like “15 Step”.

Snow Patrol- The Golden Floor

Radiohead- 15 Step


Found this on a fellow music blog,

ANOTHER leak from Kanye’s new CD.

Unfortunately, he almost entirely samples (lyrically and musically) “Memories Fade” by Tears For Fears. It’s more of a cover, than anything else. But, with the help of the auto-tune angst and subject matter (his mother), Kanye gets by. Barely.

Hopefully, additional verses will show diversity between the two songs.

Sorry for the quality. It’s a Radio Rip.

Kanye West – Coldest Winter (Radio Rip)Mirror Link

Edit: Here’s the Full Quality Track (Right Click To Download)

No, Whatever YOU Like!

October 16, 2008

My cover of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like”. Enjoy!


Fresh off the seven seas comes the full version of Kanye West’s second leaked song off of 808’s and Heartbreak, his fourth CD and follow up to 2007’s Graduation,

“Heartless” [right-click to download (mac users: alt+click)]

This is clearly an improvement from “Love Lockdown”. Good Kanye.

Please note the “SYSTEM OVERLOAD” effect used towards the end, as well T-Pain-ish “yeah-yeahs”.


808’s and Heartbreak drops next month.

Daytrotter EP

Daytrotter EP

I first encountered Margot via iTunes’s Facebook sampler two summers ago. “Quiet as a Mouse”, the song included in the sampler, is a hauntingly beautiful song, with powerful, yet ghostly vocals. I listened to it quite frequently, but for some reason or another, didn’t research their other material.

Fast-forward three month ago, I see they’re playing at Lollapalooza. I downloaded a few more songs from their debut album, 2006’s The Dust of Retreat, including “Skeleton Key” and “A Light On a Hill”. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised with the whole feel of the music.

With the release of The Daytrotter Sessions EP, a five-song live performance for Daytrotter, Margot give the public a preview of their double album Animal! and Not Animal, released October 7th. Due to the relative proximity of the release, I can’t really formulate a complete opinion on the two albums, but for now, I prefer Daytrotter‘s stripped-down sound.

Amazon Link

(Editor’s Note: I’m a lazy ass. Wrote the first half of the article like three months ago. I figured I’d sacrifice my journalistic credibility for the sake of the band. /out)