Band of Foals

August 1, 2008



Foals are an Indie rock band from Oxford, England. In the US, they are signed with Sub Pop, home to Fleet Foxes and The Shins. Their performance was pretty memorable, with wonderful chemistry. The bassist especially caught my attention for he was the most energized bassist I’ve ever seen, constantly writing like a serpent. So much so that when he sat down towards the end, I wasn’t offended in the slightest bit; he’d earned it.

The chemistry between Foals became so strong that, for a few songs, the lead singer Yannis Philippakis actually faced the guitarist the majority of the time, and not the audience. eek.

The thing I’ve noticed about live shows is that the drums are always significantly louder than anything else, which, in turn, causes the sound technicians to blast all of the other instruments, leading to apparent hearing damage to anyone even close to the speaker. Shouldn’t have to be so fucking loud.

It was about this time that I became aware, in the Apple store, mind you, of the fact that four people around me all had their iPhones out and, wouldn’t you know, I was taking notes on mine for this article. You’re good Steve, you’re good.

Before the second to last song, guitarist Jimmy Smith threw his guitar off stage in a fit of “Fuck you, I’m going to Lolla, I do what I want”. It was quickly replaced with another guitar, which was patched with duct tape. Seems as though this wasn’t a one time thing. It was a nice, anarchic touch though.

Lead vocalist Yannis, put down his guitar for the last song and picked up some drumsticks. As soon as the song began, his right drumstick shattered, and, due to its master’s unflinching determination,

it continued to disintegrate until it was a quarter of its original size. Philippakis angrily picked up a new set of drumsticks, forgetting to put down the still-intact one from the original pair, air drummed his way to the sound booth, and, in an itsmyblogg exclusive,said “(word unclear) is a piece of shit.” He then cooly resumed, with three drumsticks in hand.

Throughout this assault on the senses, one image really stuck in my mind. Behind the drummer, an unforgettable Jack Bevan,  was a purposely crude stencil of the word live, Apple’s logo for its live shows. Live. Boy, was it ever.


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